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FRED VENNERS "The Old Pro" has been selling businesses as a business broker since 1981. During his very successful career, he has sold hundreds of small businesses. If anyone can intelligently look at a profit and loss statement and determine an accurate value of a business -- he can.

If you are interested in learning what your business is really worth, you need to contact him today. Ignorance -- failure to know what your business is worth -- can be very costly. As we all know if you under value your business, you and/or your heirs will suffer financially upon the sale of your business. If you over value your business, it will extremely difficult to sell, and word will spread fast that you "want way too much" for you business and offers will be very hard to come by. You need an expert who has been selling businesses for many years to tell you in a very straight forward way what your business is worth. We will also give you comparables so you can see what similar businesses have sold for recently. Our conclusions are based on facts, statistics and experience.

For a reasonable fee, we will evaluate your business and give you 11 different market approaches to the value of your business. If you are interested in selling your business yourself, or for some other reason need to know the current value of your business -- this is a very reliable and accurate tool for you.

Also, if you are a Buyer looking at a business to purchase, and would like an independent evaluation as to the worth of the business which could be used for negoitiations, (if asking price is over valued)....Please feel free to email: or give us a call at: 972-867-0039 or 1-877-820-0086.


You get FRED VENNERS 24+ years of experience selling businesses. He uses 11 different approaches/formulas to determine the right selling price for your business.

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